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Gradual Database Password Rollover for Applications

Starting with the Oracle Database 21c release, an application can change its database passwords without an administrator having to schedule downtime. To accomplish this, a database administrator can associate a profile having a non-zero limit for the PASSWORD_ROLLOVER_TIME password profile parameter, new with this release, with an application schema. This allows the database password of […]


Bug 32008819

DBMS_LOB.APPEND RAISES ORA-22275 WHEN CLOB RETURNED BY XMLSERIALIZE() GETS APPENDED TO ANOTHER CLOB REDISCOVERY INFORMATION: Error signaling Function: koklnflushint The fix for 32008819 is first included in (APR 2021) DB Release Update(DB RU)

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Critical Patch Update for July 2021

Oracle has released its Critical Patch Update for July 2021 to address 327 vulnerabilities across multiple products. A remote attacker could exploit some of these vulnerabilities to take control of an affected system. CISA encourages users and administrators to review the Oracle July 2021 Critical Patch Update and apply the necessary updates. https://lnkd.in/d7fVVQQ

In-Memory Base Level

Database In-Memory now has a new Base Level feature. This allows the use of Database In-Memory with up to a 16GB column store without triggering any license tracking. This feature allows you to use Database In-Memory without having to license the option. The column store is limited to 16GB when using the Base Level. This […]

Transporting Data to a Different Operating System

If you want to perform a cross-platform upgrade, you need to know the restrictions and guidelines of this method. When using DBUA or performing a manual upgrade for Oracle Database, you cannot directly migrate or transport data in a database on one operating system to another operating system. For example, you cannot migrate data in […]

Ability to Control Heartbeats in United Mode and Isolated Mode PDBs

You now can control the size of the batch of heartbeats that use Oracle Key Vault or OCI KMS (OCI Vault) for centralized key management. The HEARTBEAT_BATCH_SIZE initialization parameter, new with this release, enables you to set the heartbeat batch size. The duration of the heartbeat period defaults to 3 seconds. This enhancement benefits the […]